Warriors Victory Parade

I joined about a million other fans today to celebrate the Warriors championship win in downtown Oakland today. The jostling crowds made it difficult to get much of a shot of anything, but I tried. There were many challenges. One problem is that I chose the wrong side of the street, lighting-wise. I should have chosen the side facing into the sun. It turns out that the large light-colored buildings make great diffuse light. Having said that, it seemed to me that that most of the participants looked my way – to their right. I don’t think folks looked left as often as they looked right. Like I said – many challenges. I sure hope they win again next year. If they do, I’ll be ready!

While at the event, my phone was plucked right pout of my front pocket. At first I thought that maybe I dropped it, but the phone’s nifty location services show that it hopped on BART. After a few unanswered calls, I realized it was gone forever. Dang. I hadn’t planned on buying a new phone, but I am a bit excited to receive a Google Pixel next week. It’s supposed to have a heckuva good camera, so that’s good. And, if it’s MKBHD’s favorite phone, I’m confident that I’ll like it too.

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  1. Cindy says:

    You have some fabulous pictures here. Don’t be so hard on yourself.

    I’ve never known anyone who has had their pocket picked. That is really a bummer but getting a Pixel is pretty cool. I can’t believe you didn’t feel something when they took it. I hope you were able to lock it down so they couldn’t get any info.

    I don’t follow basketball….but congratulations!

  2. thedude says:

    Never felt a thing, although like I said, there were a million people, so lots of contact. Still, I am shocked that I never noticed ’til it was too late. Anyway, I would not want to get into a fight over a phone. I wiped the Nexus as soon as I got home. It’s easy to do, thanks to Google. I thought about leaving it on until it reached its final destination, but what good would that do? Probably just frustrate me.

    And guess what? Basketball is way fun to watch. The level of athleticism on display is unmatched in any sport. These dudes are AMAZING.

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