Thedude Gets Wired, Squared

One of my renders made the Wired Magazine web site in an article titled “Fast, Precise Cancer Care is Coming to a Hospital Near You“. Nice! (Also, our amazing technology totally rocks!)

That’s not the only cool place my work appeared recently. Here’s another:


  • Cindy

    Woo hoo!

  • Todd M. Pire

    What makes no sense to me is why you pass up the fame and fortune you have proven to deserve. You should and could be working for the likes of George Lucus, Steven Spielberg etc. They direct other people who are less than you. I know you don’t believe it. I know you don’t pursue it. I just hope you do before you die 40 years from now.

  • Cindy

    Yes, what Todd said!!!!!

  • Wen.

    The world famous dude…can I have your autograph? LOL

  • thedude

    Ha. Trust me, in my mind I already HAVE fame and fortune. 🙂

    Working on movies is the sweatshop of the 3D world. Low-pay, long hours, high stress, carpal tunnel. I know a young man who had to quit the industry after two shoulder surgeries.

    This works for me because it’s a hobby. I don’t HAVE to do any of it if I don’t want to. No deadlines, no stress, and a multitude of rewards.

  • Cindy

    As long as you’re happy.

  • Bruce Briscoe

    Fantastic! You do such GREAT work. And it shows.

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