Congratulations, Steve & Debra!

Kelly and I had a wonderful time at your wedding. The 20’s theme was an excellent idea – everyone looked great!


DSC_0097.jpg DSC_0031.jpg DSC_0041.jpg
DSC_0058.jpg DSC_0080.jpg
DSC_0046.jpg DSC_0077.jpg DSC_0092.jpg

I now have hundreds of photos to retouch, color-correct and otherwise perfect in PhotoShop before they’ll be suitable for display on I’ll be busy for days. I’ll post images as I finish them – that means in no particular order.

Now, where were we? Oh yeah, some people got married and then…

DSC_0082a.jpg DSC_0045a.jpg
DSC_0131a.jpg DSC_0137a.jpg
DSC_0106a.jpg DSC_0127a.jpg DSC_0097a.jpg
DSC_0093a.jpg DSC_0130a.jpg

(I DO have pictures of the actual marriage, but they’re not my favorite shots. Everyone gets kind of somber and sometimes even weepy during the ceremony – by far the dullest part of any wedding. No movement – few smiles – let’s just skip it for now.)

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  1. Wendage says:

    OH MY GAWD BECKY! Fantastic photos of fabulous outfits!!!!!!!!! I look forward to seeing more of the bride and groom…their clothes look amazing. And Kellage shouldn’t have worried about her hairs…she looks great…LOVE THE DRESS! Hello…can you say Catherine Zeta Jones?


  2. Wendage says:

    Hey, c’mon! Don’t we get at least ONE photo of the bride and groom TOGETHER? Dude, you’re killin’ me…….:-p


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