Suburban Illusions – From Camera to Book in One Day

Steve made these images on a sunny Hayward afternoon while riding his cherry 1942 AMC Flash Cruiser, recently resuscitated from a 64 year stint in a “barn at Francis’ house”. The unretouched Fuji FinePix E900 images were dragged directly into a MyPublisher book. Here are a couple of spreads from this sure-to-be-instant-classic. The process took about 30 minutes. Total cost for 6 books – $54.

wynd_book1.jpg wynd_book2.jpg

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  • Levon72

    I really like the clarity and sharpness of the Photographs. Esp the house with the flowers in front. I really like to take phictures of flowers. But I only have a 2meg/pix Kodak DC5000 but it does ok I still shoot 35mm. John

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