Oakland Skyline Panorama

I took this panorama last night from the rooftop. While I was setting up to take the shot, three or four motorcycle cops swooped in and closed the freeway! You can see their red and blue strobe lights in the foreground.


Some of my neighbors and I like this image so much that we’re going to print it ten feet wide and hang it in the second floor lobby. :)

23 thoughts on “Oakland Skyline Panorama”

  1. I love this night panorama image of Oakland. I’d like to use it in something I’m sending to about 50 people around Oakland, but I want to get permission and give you credit. Could you let me know?

  2. Hi, my name is Ray Blackwell. I am in a Photoshop 1 class, and i was wondering if i could possibly use your skyline photo in an assignment i am working on. I check my emial often, so i will be looking forward to your response.

  3. Nice shot! I love this picture.
    Can I please get your permission to use it in my project (2012 Urban Shield Cover)
    Thank you,

  4. Yes – the image is in the public domain. All I ask is that folks send a link or sample of how this image is being used. A credit to thedude.com is also appreciated. :)

  5. I have a client that would like to use this image on their homepage. Is that possible?

  6. As I mentioned earlier – my Oakland Skyline Panorama is already in the public domain. It’s always nice to get a little credit for the shot, so a link is appreciated.

  7. Hi – this is a GREAT PICTURE! thanks for putting it in the public domain. I am helping a local business design their logo and this is one of the BEST pictures around!
    full credit to THEDUDE.COM of course!

  8. I literally thought this was a recreation or enhanced at second-glance – the lighting and lines on the buildings are sooo smooth and clear! What a truly gorgeous capture, and with that extra flair of the infamous OPD! You have a treasure, here — thank you for sharing!!!

  9. What a great shot, Dude! Since you’ve been gracious enough to put it in the public domain, I’m going to use it as the flag image on my startup’s social pages, starting with our Twitter account at https://twitter.com/roscoe_labs

    East Bay represent!

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