Greenwich Village Panorama

I took about 10 of these panoramas so that I’d be sure to get one that would stitch together nicely. I was absolutely determined to share the view from Lelah’s balcony with all of you. Click on the image below to view a 180+ degree panorama of the view. The file is quite large, (400K) and will take a moment to download. Please be patient, and let me know if this does not work in your browser.


Having trouble viewing the panorama? If you’re running Windows and Internet Explorer and you see nothing but a gray box when you click on the image above, go to this page and install the Java plug-in.


  • wendy

    DOH! Kelly’s wearing a SWEATER?! Why can’t I be there? It was about 90 here today….ugh, it’s October!!!!! Whine, whimper…..


  • Cindy

    When I click on th image, all I get is a grey box on the new screen… 🙁 Internet Explorer 6.0.2800.1106. I haven’t upgraded to Windows 2000 yet, that could be why (upgrading is in the near future). Cindy

  • thedude

    Try Opera. It works and is WAY better than I.E.

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