Canon G3

I am often asked for recommendations on digital camera. I have never been able to provide a definitive answer – until now. I finally found a digital camera that I can recommend without reservation.

For the record, I have had access to or owned a Ricoh digital camera, two Kodak models, a Canon S-10, S-20, a Nikon 5000 and a Nikon D1. Forget about all of them! For ease-of use, color fidelity and image quality, the G3 beats them all! This camera consistently takes gorgeous pictures – perfect exposure, wonderful skin tones. Battery life is amazing. The fast (2.0) lens is very sharp. This is the first digital camera I’ve owned that I can just point and shoot and obtain beautiful results an almost any lighting situation. And, if you want even better image quality, the camera can save in RAW format. These images offer the widest latitude and best color I’ve ever seen from any digital camera.

The G3 is a 4 megapixel camera. It costs about $600. I bought it (ostensibly) for my wife, but I sold my Nikon Coolpix 5000 the day after the Canon arrived. The Canon is just so much better…

Highly recommended!

Click for a detailed Canon G3 review.

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