Shane and Tanya’s Wedding

Looking at my blog, you might think I like shooting wedding photos. Well, I don’t, really. It’s a lot of nerve-racking work. It involves lugging camera gear around for hours trying to stay cool while worrying about the zillions of things things could go wrong! For me, most of the challenges are related to lighting and focus. Weddings tend to move along quickly these days, and direct sun or portable flash units can produce really ugly lighting. And, to top it off, I don’t care much for “traditional” wedding photos. I want mine to be “different” – somehow “better”. And then there’s the 12-15 hours of post-processing in PhotoShop. 🙂

All things considered, the day went quite well. I tried to make sure that I’d get a few decent pictures by shooting a lot of images. I actually filled my 4 gigabyte Microdrive for the first time. I also shot a couple rolls of 220 film with Steve’s Mamiya 7. There’s saftey in numbers.

If you’d like to see all 285 images on the Ofoto web site, click here.

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