Grillin’ with the Gang

Chris and Ben prepared pork AND lamb for last weekend’s feast.

I’m trying out settings on the Fuji X100s. Hope you like the “HD” aspect ratio.

These were shot with the Film Simulation mode set to “Pro Negative, High Contrast”. Now, I usually (always) shoot RAW, but it turns out that there are some advantages to using JPEG compression. First of all, the images look just great, don’t they? I’m not sure if I could get exactly this look with Lightroom alone. Second, the camera is much more responsive when shooting JPEG instead of RAW. At 6 fps, I can shoot six RAW images before filling up the buffer. If I use JPEG, I can shoot 65 images before the buffer fills up, and even then the camera continues to shoot at a reduced speed. Third, some of the camera’s niftiest features (Film Simulation Bracket, Dynamic Range Bracket) are only available in JPEG mode. Finally, my workflow is much faster due to the much smaller file sizes.

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  1. Cindy says:

    I read a great article a few months ago regarding RAW vs JPEG. It explained the differences in a way that us novices could understand. It was really interesting.

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