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  1. Dave Seitz says:

    Looks like governor dodge or maybe copper falls?

  2. Jim Pire says:

    Looks too hilly for Bong, right? I’m almost certain this is nearer to his home. Of course I don’t know why I feel that. I just do.

  3. I thought so too Jim, I am thinking, Lyons on the north side of HWY 50 area, how old is this picture? This may be Ryan’s place

  4. Dave Seitz says:

    Could be the trail on w before Rochester

  5. Steve Broad says:

    Dude…………great that you’re taking the time to scan Jimmy D’s old photos!

  6. Cindy Agner says:

    To be that hilly, and close to Burlington, I think that it’d be somewhere west of Burlington, towards Alpine Valley. There’s really no other rolling hills like that around Burlington. Let’s see if there are any other clues on the rest of the film.

  7. Cindy Agner says:

    It’s Cindy’s back yard in the old days.  Carol

    For God’s sake, look at all the condoms!!!!!

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