The cruise to Linz took place in the afternoon of our Dürstein day. Cruising days are fun and relaxing. Sightseeing through the Wachau Valley – even in winter – is one of my favorite ways to spend a day. While cruising, we decided to go to the top deck, but we didn’t last long in the cold weather.

Linz is an industrial city, although you might not know it. The Germans have done a great job dealing with the air and water pollution that normally accompanies steel production. You might not even notice the modern plant that occupies a huge part of the city. The title of this article says a lot about Austrian engineering efficiency.

Linz also has its share of a fine churches with eye-popping stained glass windows and, naturally, at this time of year, many busy Christmas markets.

Linz street photography

It was here in Linz that I decided to attempt some street photography – with varying success. It’s hard to get in-focus shots discreetly while both subject and photographer are in motion. Still, some of these make me wonder what’s going through the minds of my unwilling subjects.

I did not expect to hear this in Linz, Austria, but then – why not?

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