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  1. Todd M Pire says:

    Nice blue eyes…

  2. Jim Pire says:

    It’s just the one. The other is brown.

  3. Todd M Pire says:

    I don’t see the other cover if there are 2. Just that with blue eyes…

  4. Cindy Agner says:

    I think the original cover is to the left of the picture with all of the writing. Right, Jimbo? A brown eye & a blue eye animal is called pi-eyed. (SP?)

  5. Jim Pire says:

    Yes, original cover on the left.

  6. Cindy Agner says:

    I think I am wrong calling an animal with 2 different colored eyes pi-eyed. I’ll have to do more research.

  7. Todd M Pire says:

    on the left looks like a page not a cover…

  8. Bev Pire says:

    Googly-eyed is cute, of course. Never saw a dog with different colored eyes. Or a person.

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