Lifeng at Work

Twenty-five image bokeh panorama shot at the office today.

I’m learning a lot about the process of creating these. The 90mm lens I’m using seems to be a bit long and a bit slow. It’s not easy to get good coverage without taking a lot of shots. The depth of field is not shallow enough with the 2.0 lens. The background would be easier to work with if it was further out of focus. It also seems like more natural backgrounds – plants, trees, etc. would make things much easier due to their randomness.

More to come. Need to practice.

To really see the effect of this technique, you need to see the image at its full-resolution.

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  1. Lifeng says:

    Such great honor 🙂

  2. mark says:

    how are you shooting all the shots that are needed on a tripod? Lines like on the brick and windows look difficult but your subject looks chillaxed!

  3. thedude says:

    I’m shooting quickly, and without a tripod. In this scene, I shot three shots right down the middle to capture the subject. I shot four of five more of the head and shoulders to make sure we’d have a good expression. Then, I shot the rest of the images. This way, the subject only needs to stay still for a minute or so.

    And the resulting images required a fair bit of manual alignment to get things to look like this. It took a couple hours.

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