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  1. Jeff Kerkman says:

    WLUP? My original guess would have been WLPX but that was 93 point something.

  2. Jim Pire says:

    This is a Milwaukee station for sure. Wasn’t WLUP Chicago’s Loop?

  3. Jeff Kerkman says:

    Yes, LUP is Chicago.

  4. Dave Seitz says:

    I wonder how many hours I stared at the 3bx?

  5. Jim Pire says:

    Mesmerizing, wasn’t it?

  6. Kevin Kline says:

    97.3 was WLPX. 93.3 was QFM. Both are now gone along with Radio Doctors. 🙁

  7. Jim Pire says:


    — “It seems both WQFM and WLPX have essentially suffered the same fate — being turned into wussy-radio stations that play easy listening SHIT SHINGLES 24 hours a day!”

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