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  1. Kevin Kline says:

    The Palace my friend.

  2. Kevin Kline says:

    The shorts need to be longer and the socks shorter. Just sayin…

  3. Jim Pire says:

    Oh yeah – so who’s got the memory issues now??

  4. Kevin Kline says:

    LOL! I have a 2-3 week memory span then it goes blank for years and then, blam! Great memories of my youth!

  5. Jim Pire says:

    Amazingly fun times. Unforgettable! We are so lucky.

  6. Cindy Agner says:

    Before the fire. I have grand memories of the Palace. My dad’s cousins, Dick and Gabby Corbett owned it. I bowled the every Saturday morning. And, the Friday night fish fry….to die for! Remember?

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