Boof Strikes Again

This is so much fun! I set up my photo booth at an event at work yesterday. Once again, the results do not disappoint. Who can resist self-portraits like these? (Yes, we occasionally do have some fun at work.)

Photo Booth continues to amaze me. I have never found a better way to get nearly 100% coverage of all the people at a party. And the booth more or less runs itself. There always seem to be a few folks who immediately get the hang of it and are eager to offer tips to fledgeling boothers, freeing me up for some serious liver toxification. I know of no better way to get dazzling images like these with so little effort. Priceless.

Click to view the rest of the event photos.

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  1. Maracie Stout says:

    Such amazing pix Jim. I had a blast. Cant stop looking and laughing at these!

  2. Wen, says:

    The best thing about the Photo Booth is that, even though I don’t know any of the people, it’s still hilarious!!!!!

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