Ion Torrent One Touch DX

Some of you will remember my photo of this instrument. The photographic image is used on our website and in printed materials, and it looks pretty good. Well, starting today, I’m hoping that we’ll be replacing all of our photos with renders created with my latest addiction – V-Ray. This renderer blows away anything else I’ve seen. I was able to create today’s images after working with V-Ray for just a few hours using preset render settings.

Ready for your close-up, Mr. One Touch?

I’m so excited about the lighting, shadows, and especially the V-Ray materials! No matter what I tried in Cinema4D, its renderer just would not produce the textured painted look you see on the instrument skin. With V-Ray, the closer I get, the better it looks! I doubt I’ll ever use any other renderer. I’m hooked!

Part number INS1012032. I like it!

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  1. Cindy says:

    You are so talented.

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