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  1. Grant says:

    Budget cuts, N’s cost too much!

  2. Cindy says:

    Ha ha.

  3. James says:

    I personally think that Parkigs should be banned universally! Just say “NO” to parkigs!!

  4. Paul Willems says:

    Weird. We’ve got the same thing in one of the lots here. It says No PAPKING. Well at least they had the right number of letters! : ^)

  5. Randy Kincaid says:

    Note too, in the background, what looks to be yellow overspray on the ground where the yellow poles must have been recently painted. Awesome attention to detail.

  6. Tobias Streed says:

    Though he may well have written his answer in humour, Grant is actually almost spot on with his answer. It is little known and indeed understood, but letters are indeed commodities and suffer like many other commodities periods of drought and surplus. This is especially noticeable in the public sector. In the past few years due to the influx of more immigrants from Eastern Europe and Russia there has been a considerable demand for the letters “n” and “w” among others. The local governments and driver’s license requirements have put an enormous strain on supply and so the inevitable happens and corners are cut as you see in Jim’s picture. You will have recently noticed for example, a considerable increase in interest in cup cakes. This has been due in part to the financial crisis and many in the money markets leaving banking for you guessed it baking – Marie Antoinette had it right when she said “let them eat cake”.

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