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Month: May 2009

Whisky Tasting

Andrew and I tasted a dozen Whisky’s last night at a nice event sponsored by the Whisky Shop. The tasting was held at the swanky E & O Trading Company, which means that in addition to the delicious spirits, we had fabulous food as well.

Slainte! This is what whisky looks like as it goes into the barrel.

If you get the chance, I highly recommend you attend a whisky tasting next time you see one. I’ve been to three now, and they are always fun and informative.

Carnaval 2009

We almost didn’t go this year. We thought that the temperatures in the low-50’s with heavy overcast skies might mean fewer scantily-clad revelers. Luckily, we were wrong.

Pretty girl at Carnaval 2009 Feathered beauty.
Fabulous feathers. Young spectators get into the spirit of Carnaval.
Beauty! Banging the drum at Carnaval.
Pink is my new favorite color. B-a-d ride.
Wow. There were at least three very pregnant women in this year's parade. All ages can participate in the Carnaval parade!
Lovely. We love these costumes.

As always, I had a hard time choosing my favorites to display above. There are so many more. Please take a look at all of the images by clicking here or here, and if you see anyone you know, pass it on!

Cherubs with Face Paint

Andrew caught this fantastic shot of Sophie and Ursula on their first visit to Disneyland.

A pair of very lovely young ladies - Sophie and Ursula

thedude and Kellster like the shot so much that we made a magnet out of it and hung it on our refrigerator. That’s saying quite a lot, because like at least nine other people on planet Earth, thedude also hates refrigerator magnets!

Balloon Festival

The November full moon is cause for celebration in Taunggyi, Myanmar. The Hot Air Balloon Festival must be seen to be believed. It was a wild and wonderful way to end our trip.

Human-powered ferris wheels. Fried food everywhere.
The fisrt balloon heads skyward. This beautiful balloon spewed fire for at least 30 minutes. BEAUTIFUL!
A wide look at the wild event.

As beautiful as they are, still images can not adequately capture the cacophony of light and sound. Have a look at the videos below to get a better idea.

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