Mahamuni Pagoda

I’ll change the title of this entry as soon as my guide replies to my e-mail asking him where we were when we shot these. At least I remember why we came. It was to see an unusual Buddha. At this temple and elsewhere, it’s customary for worshipers to purchase a small piece of gold leaf and press it onto the object of worship. We saw people doing this at the Golden Rock. What makes this statue interesting is that so much gold leaf has been applied that the the gold is several inches thick over its entire body. Considering the thickness of gold leaf, (or should I say thin-ness) this is quite an accomplishment!

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  1. FriskoDude says:

    If the photo was taken in Mandalay, then it’s the Mahamuni Pagoda.

  2. thedude says:

    Excellent. Yes, this is the last temple we visited during the Mandalay portion of our trip.

  3. sandy g says:

    Hmm the old tile for this entry was easier to pronouce :>

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