Transvestite Spirit Dancers

While in Bago, we checked out a performance by a group of dancers who are purportedly able to channel some of the 37 spirits (Nats) commonly worshiped in Burma.


The all-male dancers (Nat Kataws) impersonate these spirits and dance to a small, but unbelievably loud orchestra. Believers watch intently and often pin money on the dancers. The performances can go on for hours and involve lots of smoking and drinking, eventually causing some of the dancers to go into a trance.

To get the “full effect”, watch the video to the right.

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  1. Elise says:

    Dude and Kelster:

    I hope you had a great trip- It looks like it from the pix! I’d love to get together soon and hear all about it.

    Welcome back!


  2. Wen says:

    The clothing over there is absolutely gorgeous… all the photos dude!!!!

  3. thedude says:

    Too bad it’s always on the men, eh? 🙂

  4. Hugh Caley says:

    Damn, these are lovely! I’m terribly jealous of your photography!

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