Bagan – Take II

At sunrise on our sixth day in Burma, (That’s right – we’re only half way through our amazing trip, folks.) we boarded a hot-air balloon and got a different view of the temples in the Bagan area. Our guide explains that it’s well known when the 1,500+ temples were built, but that it’s not clear exactly why they were built in this spot. What a sight!

Kelly completely overcame her fear of heights and thoroughly enjoyed the balloon ride. Her only wish is that the flight had gone on longer. In my next post, I’ll show why the unplanned can turn out to be the most memorable part of any trip.

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  1. Paul Willems says:


    Great Pictures! Looks like you and Kelster had a great time. I tried e-mailing you a picture but it says the address jim is no longer a valid address. Is this correct? If not what’s your new e-mail address as this is what is popping up when I click on “e-mail the dude” in the right column.
    Thanks Dude!


  2. Wen says:

    That Balloon Over Bagan shot is fantastic….I have it as my wallpaper…it’s great for de-stressing…..LOL

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