Greetings from Myanmar!

Our trip to Burma took 23 hours. The first 19 were made less than perfect due to three children who proved beyond a doubt that it is indeed possible to scream non-stop for almost an entire day. Despite the best efforts of a dozen extremely kind Singapore Girls, there was no stopping the screams. By the end of the flight, I really did understand why lions eat their young. Still, Kelly managed to keep her spirits up despite the lack of sleep.

The last leg of the trip – from Singapore to Yangon – was the best part. The much smaller aircraft had bigger seats, and the one screaming child was mostly out of earshot. We were greeted in Yangon by a fabulous welcoming committee bearing gifts and flowers. William and guide Tun are going over the top to make us comfortable during our visit.

Our hotel is just beautiful. The welcome letter describe it as “Located in a quiet, leafy area of the city’s embassy quarter, The Governor’s Residence is unique in Yangon. Built in the 1920’s, the official residence of the governor of Kaya State, this superb teak mansion has today been carefully restored as a hotel that captures the charm and elegance of a more leisurely era.” We’re feeling more and more leisurely by the minute.

Today we’ll be exploring the city of Yangon. We’ll check out the city’s famous markets and visit a temple before lunch with our guides. (We’re having Burmese.) Then it’s back to the hotel for a little poolside leisure time before attending a festival at the Schwedagon Pagoda at sunset. Sounds like a fabulus photo-filled day!

We were surprised to learn that this hotel and most others now offer free access to the Internet – I’m actually on a wireless connection in our room now! This should make it easy to post often, and right now, at least – that’s the plan. Talk with you soon!

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  1. Mark says:

    OK, so you go half way around the world to find a Harley and a skeleton. Next time just come to Wisconsin. Happy Halloween!

  2. FriskoDude says:

    I’m looking forward to some fabulous shots of Shwedagon, one of the most amazing temples in the world. Your hotel doesn’t look too shabby, either

  3. Janet and Bernard says:

    Way cool, Jimbo and Kelly…we’re so jealous and so looking forward to seeing more. Pretty nice digs.

  4. Grant says:

    You’re eating Burmese tonight? Don’t they have a Wendy’s out there?

  5. Scott says:

    Have a blast Kelly, Jim…looks like you are off to a great start!

  6. Mom says:

    You look like Govenor Palin in that picture of you in the green. The videos were very nice. I’ll have to take some time to look at all the pictures.

  7. Tum and Jerry says:

    Well done! Appears on all fronts (well, lets take the screaming kids flight out) to have found its way into your heart. We’ll look forward to some travelers tales over a bottle of wine.
    And, by the way, you do impressive work with the camera and your site is just splendid!

  8. thedude says:

    Coming from you, Jerry, that’s quite a compliment. Thanks! Many more pictures to come!

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