Housing Explosion!

Coming to your neigborhood soon. At least if you live in Oakland! Buildings like this are springing up everywhere. I’m very happy to see some of the new structures feature fun, creative color schemes. The blaze orange and powder blue looks great! I wonder if all this construction will lead to a housing glut in the Easy Bay. Doubt it, but there are an awful lot of dwellings set to come on line soon.

oakland_architecture_1.jpg oakland_architecture_4.jpg
oakland_architecture_2.jpg oakland_architecture_3.jpg

One of the images is the front of the office I work in. You do know which one – don’t you?

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  1. Janet Hom says:

    Hey Dude,
    How’s things? Where’s the dining room table now; looks like you’ve opened up the loft, no counter anymore. Looks good.

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