We’ve Been Here Just 30 Hours

We’re not even close to being over our jetlag and I already have way too many images to post. I’ll do my best…

We’re having so much fun with our gracious hosts and learning so much in the process. For example, we learned that no Philippine home is complete without a karaoke machine. (We’re just hoping that we won’t have to learn how to use it.) This particular house offers sweeping views and a spectacular “back yard” which includes a trail to Lake Taal and its famous volcano 2000 feet below. Google Earth Placemark

DSC_0108.jpg DSC_0104.jpg
DSC_0096a.jpg DSC_0103.jpg

Our hosts arranged a private tour of the spectacular Tagaytay Highlands. Now, golf is not my thing, but this site has to be one of the most scenic in the Phillipines. Later, we had a huge lunch at a fabulous Chinese restaurant on the property.

DSC_0122.jpg DSC_0113.jpg
DSC_0141.jpg DSC_0151.jpg
DSC_0131.jpg DSC_0162.jpg
DSC_0182.jpg DSC_0190.jpg

I’m afraid that’s it for tonight. The hotel staff just brought us warm milk and cookies…

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  1. Mark says:

    Dude, what is behind Kel, in the Bay ?

  2. Jim Pire says:

    Those are fish farms, Dude.

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