Another Manila Traffic Time-Lapse

I made a second time-lapse while in Manila, hoping to catch the controlled chaos that is Manila traffic. I pointed the camera out of the sun roof of our vehicle and began snapping at what seemed like an opportune moment. I wanted to show how the traffic continues to move – albeit slowly. We rarely come to a complete stop despite the overcrowding. What you don’t see is how patient the drivers are with one another. People ignore lanes altogether and sometimes even drive against the flow, but I never heard a horn sounded in anger.

As luck would have it, traffic was lighter than it had been at any other time along this route, but once again, the results are pretty cool. I like to look at individual frames and check out the skyline and the hundreds of enormous billboards.

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time_lapse_rig.jpg DSC_0420.jpg

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  1. Wen says:

    Wow, that is some crazy video dude! No honking? No nasty hand gestures? Me thinks the good folk of Fresberg could learn a lesson from them…..:-)


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