Long Ago in a Frozen Land Far, Far Away…

This week I received e-mails from two people I have not seen in nearly twenty years. The first came from my ex-girlfriend Cheryl. That’s her on the left with a somewhat younger and slightly thinner dude. Evidently, she stumbled onto my site while Googling Thule Air Base in Greenland. She sent a link to my blog to another Greenland buddy – Jed (aka Greg Hopkins). That’s him on the right. In 1986, we hosted the “Jim and Jed Show” on the “World’s Most Northerly Stereo FM Station” – Radio 5-OZ-20 in Thule, Greenland. (There actually was an FM station farther north, in Canada I think, but it was not broadcast in stereo.)

Cheryl and thedude before he was thedude. The DJ's from Thule's famous Jim & Jed Show.

Hearing from Cheryl and Jed in the same week has inspired me to drag out my old Greenland photo album and crank up the scanner. Looking though these grainy old black and white images is so incredibly nostalgic! It’s totally cool to have friends from way back then with whom I can share these priceless memories.

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  1. Dave McCloskey says:

    I remember you and I have often wondered what happen to Jed. What a talented guy.
    Could you forward my email to him. Send me your email, got a nerd pic from the telathon, that was a lot of fun.

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