You Just Have to FEEL It!

plaster_2.jpg plaster_3.jpg

Andrew has finished his magic – for now – and the result is this spectacular piece of work on our pillars! We are soooo happy with the beautiful venetian plaster applied by the master. What you don’t see here is the wonderful sensual texture of the polished plaster. It feels like cold marble. YUM!

Thank you Andrew! Now – can I talk to you about our bathroom? 🙂

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  1. BaliBruce says:

    Ultra-KEWL Dude (and Dudette!) Also love the HUGE HDTV! I looked at the the full size image and have one question: Is that a small paper covered, smokable object on the refridge, that, perhaps I left there on my last visit?

  2. Cindy says:

    I love the look! And the rose coloring is classy. I’m thinking of doing venetian plaster in my living room, possibly in a taupe or gray. We’ll see, it’s 20X24, quite an project!

    Having to sign on everytime I want to comment is driving me nuts. Although, I do understand why. 🙁

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