Mount Dundas


One the most distinctive features of the Thule area is Mount Dundas. Once a year all of the residents of Thule climb the 900 foot mountain to participate in a golf game. The object of the game – to get a ball somewhere near the “holes” – marked with a red flag. Lucky golfers were able to get one of their quota of 3 ball within ten feet of the flag – the area marked off in yellow paint. Most players watched as their balls bounced off the top of the mountain never to be seen again.

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  1. Billy Dilley says:

    Been there! Done that! In 1990 with VXN-8 Project Arctic Ice.

  2. Hi it was a pleasure to see something I have not seen since 1962 when I was inthe Army. I was with 588th Engr. Co C, spent 6 months at camp Tuto, and a week or so about 4hrs out on the cap, living under the ice a chilling experience. Thanks again for your site. Pete Rakowski AKA Rocky

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