Inside Erik’s Cabin

Finally we’re inside Erik’s cabin! The fisheye lens makes the place look much larger than it really is – a mere 8 feet by 16 feet. The cabin was just tall enough in the middle for me to stand up.

I shot this shortly after we arrived and fired up the stove – the top of which was by now red hot. We drank strong coffee and bourbon while waited for two of Erik’s Eskimo friends to arrive from some unknown place. There wasn’t a lot to do, and we spent a lot of time in complete silence, but it never felt awkward. (Those who know me well might be amazed to know that at one point we sat accross the table from each other without speaking for 20 minutes!) This place was at once the quietest, darkest, coldest and most remote place I’d ever visited. I feel incredibly lucky to have been here. It was amazing.

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  1. Cindy says:

    It reminds me of the inside of a boat. Very cool!

  2. Cindy says:

    I love the stove! Where is the cabin’s window from where you’re sitting?

  3. piredude says:

    The window is behind Eric in this image. It had a view of Baffin Bay, but it was too dark to get that shot in the winter.

  4. Erik Lagerborg Larsen says:

    It is so very nice to see the Greenlanddic Pictures.
    Thank You Jim!!

  5. Frank Andersen says:

    Hi Erik

    Gamle ven – Frank fra Holbæk (Nygade) skriver.

    Er du stadig up North ? Hvad er din mail adr.? Kommer du nogensinde til DK.

    Mange hilsner

  6. Frank Andersen says:

    Frank’s mail:

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