Another California Disaster

In case you missed this incredible satellite image of the enormous fires raging in Southern California, I’m posting it here. This high resolution image is ~600K in size, and pretty impressive.

This and the fire images on tonight’s evening news definitely brought back some memories of the Oakland Hills Fire of 1991. That fire killed 25 people, gutted 3,000 homes, and caused $1.68 billion in damage – the most destructive fire in California history, but it covered a mere 1700 acres. This current fire has already scorched more than half a million acres, and although it has not burned as many homes – yet – it promises to be the most costly ever.

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  1. wendy says:

    I saw that this morning…isn’t it amazingly scary? Yikes…I remember your fire video way too well…


  2. Troy says:

    Hey Pire-Dude! This is Troy from Framatome. Not sure if you remember me or not but I decided to check out your site again and noticed you are now using MT. I like it. How are things going in Oakland these days? Hopefully better than the rest of California. :- Anyway, hope things are going great for you and Kelly. Later!

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