Celebrity Sighting!


To celebtate the arrival of summer we took the top off the Jeep and hit the road. (I’m sure this comes as no surprise to those who know Jim and Kelly’s true character – that of the rugged back-to-nature types.) It was a nice thought, but one that did not last for long – what with all that annoying wind and bright sunshine. We quickly headed for the nearest watering hole with a deck, which turned out to be The Claremont Hotel. It was somewhere in the middle of the second drink on the balcony of the Paragon Restaurant that Kelly recognized Sean Penn at a table nearby. Yes – it really was him! How exciting! He looked awesome, in my opinion. I just kept thinking of that this was the guy who gave us that amazing performance as Matthew Poncelet in “Dead Man Walking”. Kelly thought his hair color was “a bit too dark”.


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