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Top Search Phrases on

I was looking at my server logs the other day, and noticed that the top search phrases that led people to my site are “Greenland” and “Diego Garcia”. As far as I can tell, this is because images from this site come in near the top of the list when doing a Google Image Search Read More

A Shameful Story

A reader who saw one of my entries about Diego Garcia suggested I take a look at an award-winning story which details the despicable treatment forced upon the 2,000 original inhabitants of Diego Garcia. The fact that there were any inhabitants other than the workers on the copra plantation came as a shock to me. Read More

High Resolution Diego Garcia on Google Earth!

I was looking through my old blog entries today and discovered that the good folks at Google Earth have added high-resolution images of Diego Garcia. Check it out! Have a look around – you can clearly see the well-stocked ships in the lagoon, B-52’s on the tarmac, the (nuclear?) weapons storage bunkers and if you Read More

Winter in Diego Garcia

I ran across these images while scanning Greenland photos and just had to put them on the blog. The contrast is nice. These images of me and my friends lounging in the Indian Ocean may give you some idea why I chose to spend a year in Diego Garcia after my 17 months in Greenland. Read More

I Was Wondering About That

Diego Garcia seems to have escaped unscathed. Tsunami’s are something we talked about on the island whenever the earth shook. We always joked that a 9.0 earthquake had just occurred off the coast of Sumatra and laughed nervously – awaiting a huge wave that thankfully never came. Diego Garcia has an average elevation of four Read More

How I Learned
to Love Sushi

We caught these beauties while fishing in Diego Garcia. It was not uncommon to catch hundreds of pounds of yellow fin, barracuda and tuna – as well as the occasional shark or sail fish – in just a few hours on the Indian Ocean. The majority of the catch always went to the Philippine workforce Read More

One More From Diego Garcia

This shot was taken on board the American Cormorant – one of a dozen or so “Maritime preposition ships” permanently stationed in the lagoon. This ship, affectionately known as “Big Red” for obvious reasons, had the unique ability of submerging itself to a depth sufficient to off-load the smaller boats sitting on its deck. I Read More

Working at Home

I’m working at home today. We’re having the tub refinished, (results) and someone needs to be here. Of course this is cool, because it gives me a moment to post another image from my past. I know you’re all dying to see a picture from my year in Diego Garcia. I believe this was taken Read More