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Top Search Phrases on

I was looking at my server logs the other day, and noticed that the top search phrases that led people to my site are “Greenland” and “Diego Garcia”. As far as I can tell, this is because images from this site come in near the top of the list when doing a Google Image Search for these terms. There’s even an image of (a somewhat younger) thedude himself near the top spot. Ha!

Google image search for “Greenland”, “Diego Garcia”.

By the way, for some inexplicable reason, the number three search phrase is “chuckie”.

A Shameful Story

diego_video.jpgA reader who saw one of my entries about Diego Garcia suggested I take a look at an award-winning story which details the despicable treatment forced upon the 2,000 original inhabitants of Diego Garcia. The fact that there were any inhabitants other than the workers on the copra plantation came as a shock to me. Although I was never actually told this by anyone of authority on the island, it was “common knowledge” that the island had no indigenous population.

Eventually, I read about this shameful story at various Internet sites, but this video offers much more detail about the horrible treatment endured by the original inhabitants of this beautiful island. I found the video quite disturbing. I wonder how I would have felt about going if I had known this story in advance.

High Resolution Diego Garcia on Google Earth!

dg_sm.jpgI was looking through my old blog entries today and discovered that the good folks at Google Earth have added high-resolution images of Diego Garcia. Check it out! Have a look around – you can clearly see the well-stocked ships in the lagoon, B-52’s on the tarmac, the (nuclear?) weapons storage bunkers and if you click this link, you will fly directly to the barracks I lived in for a year. I was on the lagoon side – as you can see, just a few feet from the Indian Ocean. I fell asleep to the sound of gentle ocean waves every night. Fantastic!

I’ll let you know when they finally add high-resolution imagery of Thule, Greenland.

Winter in Diego Garcia

I ran across these images while scanning Greenland photos and just had to put them on the blog. The contrast is nice. These images of me and my friends lounging in the Indian Ocean may give you some idea why I chose to spend a year in Diego Garcia after my 17 months in Greenland.

indian_ocean_1.jpg indian_ocean_2.jpg

UPDATE: Google Earth does not seem to know about Diego Garcia, but I do. The resolution of the satellite imagery in the middle of the Indian Ocean is very poor, but this Google placemark does at least give you a sense of the location of this remote U.S. military base.

One more thing. I found this eerie recording of last year’s 9.3 earthquake. (3.2 megabyte mp3 file.) It was “captured by underwater microphones located in Diego Garcia, more than 1,700 miles from the epicenter.” Listening to it with headphones sent a chill up my spine. Additional info about the recording can be found at the Columbia University web site.

I Was Wondering About That

Diego Garcia seems to have escaped unscathed. Tsunami’s are something we talked about on the island whenever the earth shook. We always joked that a 9.0 earthquake had just occurred off the coast of Sumatra and laughed nervously – awaiting a huge wave that thankfully never came. Diego Garcia has an average elevation of four feet. The thousands of U.S. military and Philippine workers who live there are very lucky.

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