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Another super-fun project at work. This treatment is over the top again, but so much fun to create, AND it makes a whacky wallpaper for my iMac.

Regular readers may notice that the scene was borrowed from an earlier experiment.


  • Andrew

    BOOM! Love it. Very subtle refection makes it more dynamic.
    How are you getting extruded fonts.. Sketchup?

  • thedude

    The word “Life” began as an EPS file, which I opened in PhotoShop at high resolution (1200 dpi). I then selected the type with the Wand Tool and converted the selection to a path. That path was then exported to Adobe Illustrator (.ai) format. The Illustrator file was placed into the scene in Cinema4D and extruded with the Extrude Nurbs tool. Filet caps were added to smooth out the edges.

    The other text was created directly in Cinema4D, which has good (not great) text creation and manipulation tools.

  • Andrew

    Yes .. the paths to illustrator tool trick you showed me. It constantly saves my ass… and countless hours. You do really fab work Dude.

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