In The Zone

It would be easy to get the impression from my pictures that all we do out here in the bay area is eat and drink wine. Well, it’s just not true. During the day, we all work very hard – so that we can spend our evenings with friends enjoying fine food and wine.

The Sushi Zone is one of our favorite destinations – and not just because it’s only a few blocks from our loft. The atmosphere is relaxed, and the sushi is very good. Tonight we accidentally ordered enough food to qualify for not one, but two free live lobsters. The thought of two writhing lobster torsos was more than some of us could handle, so we opted for the Thai crab with curry noodles instead. Dave did such a good job on the crab that there wasn’t even enough left for Julie’s cat.

It was great to see Sonja and Dave and Tom and Julie again. We look forward to seeing you again at thedude’s birthday bash – and of course, the first Tuesday of every month from now until eternity!

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  1. julie says:

    Hey!! I thought we were meeting on the first Tuesday of the month!

  2. thedude says:

    Ack! I’ll fix that.

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