Dashe Winery

Well, what a nice surprise! Looking for an excuse to get out of the house on a gorgeous day in the Bay Area, we decided to make a wine run to Rosenblum Cellars – one of our favorite stops in nearby Alameda. To our surprise, there was an event in progress at the abandoned shipyard that is now home to the Rosenblum tasing room. The Dashe Winery Spring Open House was in full-swing. Live music – delicious food (yummy tapenade!) and some pretty darn good zinfandels.


(Apologies to those who have seen quite enough pictures of Kelly.)

While tasting some pretty nice wines, we met two new neighbors – a couple who live in a new development just one block from here. Sounds like we may join them at their upcoming blind wine tasting. Cool! I love to meet my neighbors. I love a sense of community, don’t you?