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Some graffiti is better

Spotted at the corner of 17th and Broadway today. Look at the artist’s gallery for a better view of this awesome art.

Women’s March, Oakland

Oakland’s contribution to world-wide protests against the Trumpocalypse was as colorful as you would expect. The peaceful event lifted my spirits and those of the estimated 85,000+ who participated. Way to go women (and men) of Oakland!

The rest of the day’s shots are here.

The Brenizer Method

This weekend I learned of the Brenizer Method This photographic technique creates images of very high resolution and very shallow depth of field. The resulting “bokeh panorama” simulates the look of a very large (8 x 10) format camera with your basic digital camera. Excellent!

I could not wait to try this for myself, but since my favorite model was out at the barn, the subject of my first bokeh panorama is – a garbage can.

Combining images in AutoPano Pro to produce a 'bokeh panorama'.

The trashcan panorama consists of 64 images shot with a 90mm F2.0 lens set wide open. I exposed for the trashcan and locked the focus, aperture, shutter speed and white balance. I then shot a grid of 8 x 8 images and combined the resulting images in AutoPano Pro. Great technique – very cool results.

I will certainly be trying this again once I get the fabulous 56mm f1.2 lens, because it’s extremely wide aperture will allow me to create images with a much shallower depth of field.

One Man’s Castle

This is Al. I’ve seen Al and his collection of dozens of customized shopping carts moving – ever so slowly – from place to place along my morning commute. I have never seen such a massive collection of well, stuff. Look closely at some of the contraptions he’s built here. I like the functional bits that look like what could be a bed or reclining chair of sorts. But I especially like the arch spanning the two carts – apparently for purely cosmetic reasons. Architectural flourish.

I needed to investigate, so today I decided to stop and chat with him. I didn’t get much detail about the cart contraptions yet, but he did agree to let me take his picture, with the condition that if I ever make any money on my photos of him I share the wealth, especially since he’s “never had any luck his entire life.”

I sure will Al.

DSF9483 DSF9477

It’s also worth noting that I’m experimenting with using my camera in an entirely new way. After reading this article, I was inspired to try the author’s black and white settings and hit the streets. I put the camera in “Silent Mode”, and with it hanging around my neck, discretely trip the shutter. That’s how I shot the portrait of Al.

Stay tuned for more from the streets of Oakland.

Fresno Bee

What I like most about this shot is the minimal effort it took to get it. I just looked down with my x100S set on macro and shot this in the front of the in-law’s house in Fresno this afternoon. I couldn’t get closer without scaring off the bee, so I cropped the shot about 50% to get what you see here. This camera makes so many shots possible!

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