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James Bond Gala

Saturday’s James Bond themed Xenophon Gala was taylor-made for the photo booth!

I’m absolutely loving the results, but I do have one issue with the photo booth. The images that come out of it are so dazzling that they make the rest of my shots look boring.

The most amazing thing is how easy it is to get these results! If you’re thinking a lot of effort must go into making these images, you’d be wrong. They come out of the photo booth rig requiring almost no post-processing. A tiny bit of color enhancement, a little vignette, sometimes a slight crop, and… we’re done.

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One day I need to whip out a portrait lens and try it out with this lighting rig. Could it be even more amazing? We’ll have to see…

Boof Strikes Again

This is so much fun! I set up my photo booth at an event at work yesterday. Once again, the results do not disappoint. Who can resist self-portraits like these? (Yes, we occasionally do have some fun at work.)

Photo Booth continues to amaze me. I have never found a better way to get nearly 100% coverage of all the people at a party. And the booth more or less runs itself. There always seem to be a few folks who immediately get the hang of it and are eager to offer tips to fledgeling boothers, freeing me up for some serious liver toxification. I know of no better way to get dazzling images like these with so little effort. Priceless.

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Welcome 2016

May the coming year bring lots of love, good health and prosperity to you and yours! Cheers!

The Cawleys

The photo booth brings out the whacky side of my boss and his family during a shoot for this year’s Christmas card.

Photo Booth Goes Mobile

I took the booth on the road this weekend and set it up at one of the season’s best tasting Christmas events – Dinner at Sam and Mari’s. They were kind enough to let me tack a red backdrop to the wall, and well, the rest is Christmas history.

Brian and Janet Danielle, thedude & Christine
Christine, Haley and Danielle Kellster gets into the mood
Trudy & Bruce

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