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  1. Dave Seitz says:

    Dodge Omni or Plymouth Horizon

  2. Jim Pire says:

    Really? I was positive this was some sort of AMC…

  3. Jim Pire says:

    No way. Look at the door handles, hubcaps. The Volkswagens have a prominent “VW” embossed into them.

  4. Cindy Agner says:

    Maybe because this was a limited edition, the VW on the hubcaps was displayed differently? The door handles…no idea.

    Look at the shape of the back windows, the gas tank door, the light below the gas tank door, the back fender, the trim….

  5. Jim Pire says:

    Dodge Omni it is… LOL.

  6. That was Jeff’s he had a real cool car stereo, I can trembler the brand but he loved the lights on it!

  7. Cindy Agner says:

    I admit defeat. 🙂

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