Weekend Render Madness

For fun this weekend, I did one of the Cinema4D tutorials by the amazing Chris Schmidt. I learned so much in the process. The techniques used to create the spherical wire mesh on the microphone are awesome and so much fun!

Thank your Nick and Chris for the awesome tutorials!

Dude mic is based loosely on the industry workhorse, Shure SM58. These inexpensive mics sound great and are certainly indestructible. As ubiquitous as duct tape, I dare you to find a live performance that doesn’t include at least a few of these fabulous microphones.

This is the first time I ever added a some grunge to the materials. It’s amazing how a few imperfections add to the realism! And, once the mesh is complete, I can’t help but render the image with alternate materials. I don’t know about you, but I’d definitely buy a Dude Mic if it was available with an ultra-shiny iridescent chrome body!

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