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  1. Wen. says:

    Lovely…..nice toes on the dashboard…..

  2. Carl Parkes says:

    Stutter, stutter, freeze. I’ve got Comcast at 30mps and that shouldn’t happen. Also, Happy Birthday, but you’ll never live as long as me, since I’m a retired travel writer and you are still working your ass off. Best of luck, anyway

  3. thedude says:

    Luckily, I’m happiest when I’m working hard. 😉

    thedude.com is served from CloudFlare servers in 23 datacenters worldwide. (An absolutely amazing free service, BTW. — https://www.cloudflare.com/features-cdn) I get 4 ms ping times from both work and home, and 100+ megabits per second to my site.

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