Andrew’s Largest Work – So Far

I brought the new camera to try and capture the sheer size of Andrew’s latest masterpiece. I think it’s amazing. No matter how many times he explains it to me, I’ll never understand how he does this sort of work. I would not have a clue where to start…

Click here for a (5 MB) full-resolution view, and check out Andrew’s video about the project.

So, after toasting Andrew’s greatness with champagne and cookies, I grabbed a few shots of the Johnstone Clan, and I must say, I’m definitely warming up to the new camera. The resolution is obviously amazing, but a big surprise is the usefulness of the built-in flash. In back lit situations, I just pop up the flash, and the camera does the rest. No special settings were applied to the shots below.

For fun, I posted these images 5,000 pixels wide. The only way to see this resolution is to drag the full image view onto your desktop and open it with your favorite image viewing application. Bear in mind when you view the larger images, that they have been shrunk to less than half the resolution of the original raw file. Incredible!

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