Beach Party? Not!

The buzz surrounding last night’s party was all about 200 tons of sand, five swimming pools and “swimwear encouraged”. Hm. Sounds like an indoor beach party, right? Well, the event resembled a beach about as much as I resemble Brad Pitt. Oh – there was sand scattered about the 250,000 square foot industrial space, but that quickly turned to airborne dust as it was trampled by the platform boots of 10,000 grungers. And, aside from the occasional fireball, the giant warehouse was as dark as night. If you imagined yourself sipping a fruity margarita under a fake palm tree on a towel in the sand at this “beach party”, you were sorely disappointed. Still, I do love Oakland. You won’t find parties like this in Burlington, Wisconsin.

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  1. Cindy says:


  2. Waddy says:

    I agree on the lack of “beach party” atmosphere, I counted a grand total of three people in the five swimming pools all night – they were stone cold and chlorinated, the pools that is, not the people (well you have to account for 1st-graders in the pool). Maybe if it had been one of those rare 90+F nights you might have seen more pool action, but as it was the beach attire was on the dance floor. And yes, the sand was more like construction grit – but they did try in the live band area, and some of the sand carvings were cool. We had a bunch of problems getting in, and people showing up late, including those with tickets were not able to enter – I think OFD put a cap on the head count. Still it was very cool to see an event like this in Oakland, I hope they have some more and learn from the experience to make it even better next time.

  3. Kalvin says:

    We tired in Burlington but can only get away with so much at the Veteran’s building.

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