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Hot Day, Cool Stuff

With temperatures more than twenty degrees above the average for this day, thedude decided to take the smartie to NASA’s 2009 Exploration and Sustainability Exposition, where we saw some pretty cool stuff, including a car I’d love to own. Well, OK just the car is just a brochure at this point, but it’s still a beauty, isn’t it?

This was another opportunity to test my new point & shoot camera. I’d say the Canon G10 is capable of producing some pretty fine images! What do you think?

I'm liking my new G10 a lot.
thedude approves of the TESLA logotype. Tesla envy.
$40,000 RC copter carries 5 lb. payload. Andrew checks out a cute solar hybrid. Perfect for the playa!!
Space Geek. Average high temperature on this day? 66 degrees.
NASA style repair job. Be careful when you have coffee with the bug lady!

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