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  1. cindy says:

    Justify it any way you want…..yes, you are still a complete nerd! 🙂

  2. Wen says:


  3. Hugh Caley says:

    I’m going to be a little contrary here … I’ve got to say, the equipment they used seems like the least interesting thing about them (and this from a complete gear geak). Frankly, I think their albums sounded pretty damn shitty, all the way up to (but not including) Abbey Road.

    And I am the BIGGEST damn Beatles fan 😉

  4. thedude says:

    Hugh, you must’ve known that I was including you as one of the people who I thought would love this book! My favorite “gear geak” and shoegazer.

    What got me started last night was a FLAC version of the White Album. The sound of Dear Prudence swept me away, and Ringo’s drums gave me goosebumps – even though they’re almost lost in the mix. Next thing I know, I’m Googling “making of the white album”.

    If you’re nice maybe I’ll let you look at the book, but the poster’s all mine – assuming I get my wish, that is. 🙂

  5. Hugh Caley says:

    Ah, you know, I’d enjoy listening to the best possible versions of their toons, just because its THEM, but honestly, they never sounded that great to me in terms of recording quality. Frankly, I always wondered if George Martin had a lot of upper register hearing loss; their songs sound so tinny to me. And Abby Road had a lot of really good gear, but it was all for classical recording and such; they got on the 8-track bandwagon way later than other studios of the time (which is one of the reasons why Abbey Road sounds so much better to me; no more tape generational loss from 4-track dubbings when they finally got that 8-track).

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