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Running Vista and Loving It

Like many of you, I have been putting off upgrading to Vista for years due to its less-than-stellar reputation. Well, my ancient Windows XP install was seriously busted, so I finally took the plunge, and guess what. I love it.

I was able to get everything I absolutely need up and running in about three hours. My essential tools – Chrome, Firefox, PhotoShop, Irfanview, Winamp, FreeHand, AutoPano Pro and WinSCP – all worked perfectly. I had to use “Compatibility Mode” to get the software for my Nikon Scanner and Flix to work, but that’s a minor issue I can live with.

I had only one hardware compatibility issue. My antiquated Creative Extigy USB sound device was not recognized. So, I bought a Creative X-FI 5.0 USB audio device for 59 bucks, and it works and sounds better than the old device.

Of course, I turned off almost all of Aero’s annoying features. Now, my humble machine runs great! Certainly faster than the badly broken XP installation I had been using. It was well worth 119 bucks to make my machine usable again.

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