You Haven’t Changed a Bit!

You gotta love the Internet. This week it helped bring me back together with my roommate from 27 years ago. We exchanged a few emails and I learned that my old friend Rob Espinosa would be performing today at the Novato Art and Wine Festival.

Kelly and I watched Rob play with the David LaFlamme band – formerly It’s a Beautiful Day. Those of you who remember Rob from the days that we lived together on Conkey street would instantly recognize him – especially when he’s on stage clowning around and flashing that trademark grin. Oh – and he still plays his guitar fabulously. Rob is leaving soon for the east coast performing with a Summer of Love 40 Year Reunion Tour where he’ll be playing with the likes of Jefferson Airplane and Big Brother and the Holding Company! Awesome!

Rob, it’s really great to hook up with with you again and to meet your wife Nancy! It’s especially cool to discover that you live just an hour away in Santa Cruz! Let’s fire up that hot tub and barbecue grill when you get home. We’ll bring the wine!

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  1. Cindy says:

    ….small world.

  2. Oh-Ann says:

    Very cool Jim, I do vaguely remember him. You are right, the Internet really helps keep in touch, like you and me!

  3. Steve Davidson says:

    Glad to see friendships continue.
    Thanks for the pictures.

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