Sleepless in Santa Rosa

We drove to Santa Rosa yesterday because I had to work on another computer. (The story of my life.) As it turned out, the trip was very worthwhile. My “client” gave me four(!) fabulous cases of wine in return for tuning up his Linux server. Thanks Neil!!

Kelly’s high school classmate Steve and his girlfriend Debra live in Santa Rosa, so we stopped by to see Debra’s charming new home. Debra’s house is in a great neighborhood built in the early fifties. I was reminded of the house I lived in during my early teens in Burlington, Wisconsin. Comfy.

As usual, entertainment was provided by Steve throughout the evening’s activities, which included dinner at a popular microbrewery and several bottles of old vine zinfandel. Thanks Steve and Debra! My face still hurts from all the smiling and laughing.

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