Haircut and Dinner

Kelly shows off her cute new haircut during our trip to the city on the always enjoyable Oakland-San Francisco Ferry. Destination – One Market. My lamb dish was fabulous, as were all of the appetizers and the desserts. Everyone liked the unique chick pea fries with garlic aioli, too. The restaurant offers a $29 prix Read More

The Grape One in Da Hood

Our friend Greg stopped by tonight. He gave us the scoop on the wine business in the central valley and joined us for salty prawns at Le Cheval. Nice to see you, Oh Grape One. We especially love the suit, Baby! (I’ve got news for you – you’re not fooling anyone. Read More

Biology in Motion

Did you know that your incredible mind can easily and instantly tell the difference in sex, weight and mood of 15 moving dots on your screen. Don’t believe me? Here’s proof. Read More

This Continues to Baffle Me

It’s worth taking a second look at this. I looked at it again today, and am still completely amazed by the fact that our eyes can be so badly fooled. (I even had to open the image in PhotoShop before I was completely convinced.) If you like this mind-bending illusion, you’ll find many more here. Read More

Got Crabs?

My favorite coworker and most excellent friend Ali does have crabs – of the Dungeness kind – and lots of them. And lucky for us, she wants to share. You see, I created a little web site and a one-page flyer for her parents to help them sell their house. They did sell – and Read More

Vodka Tasting in a Hangar

It tuns out that Hangar 1 Vodka really is distilled in a hangar – hangar number 22 on the abandoned Alameda Naval Base, to be exact. The distillery is situated in the hangar with the best possible view of San Francisco and the Bay Bridge through their huge windows. They pour 12 different spirits for Read More

Geek Love

Advertised as “the web’s fastest growing matchmaking and dating website“. Read More

More Interior Shots

Got a home for sale? Better call me. I can make any place look like a million bucks. Of course, that was very easy to do this time… Read More

What a Shame

The owners of Andrew and Barbara’s loft will be painting over this awesome example of Andrew’s skill as a muralist. Andrew has a better understanding of perspective and of how to fool the eye than anyone I’ve ever known. His work is amazing. You can’t see it here, but Andrew even took the time to Read More

Home is Where the Hardware Is

Andrew and Barbara still have a lot of work to do, but they have come a l-o-n-g way on the road to making their new house into a home. Their beloved neon casts a warm glow into the living room – definitely a “good sign”. The walls and ceilings have been patched and sport a Read More

Nice to See You, Ben!

Thanks for everything Ben. We had a wonderful time last night! While the girls were making dinner, I tried something entirely new with my new camera and PhotoShop CS2. Stay tuned for details. Read More

I Missed One

I was looking at my Carnaval pictures again, and came across this shot. I’m not entirely sure what this guy is supposed to be. A mosquito? Some sort of green and red fish-thing? (Probably a mosquito, I guess… Ideas?) I do love the shot, though. He seems to be having such a great time… 🙂 Read More

I’ll Take Mine RAW

It turns out that one of the greatest things about my new camera is the way it integrates with PhotoShop CS2. The RAW (NEF) file import tool is loaded with goodies. Below are just a few… Starting on the left above, you can see that CS2’s NEF import tool includes the usual white balance adjustments. Read More

Later That Night…

We dined on some of the best barbequed oysters I’ve ever tasted at Tom’s cool pad. Spectacular view, fabulous oysters. Thanks for a lovely evening, Tom and Julie! Read More

A Good Day to Own a Camera

San Francisco’s Carnaval celebration is an eyeful! Women (and a few men) of all ages, shapes and colors get a chance to cut it loose and strut they stuff – much to the delight of this photographer! Oh my! I had to deal with direct sunlight when shooting these, so I used the camera’s low Read More

No Escaping the Construction

This shot was taken in a first-floor office here at work. Noise, dust, concrete splattered on the windows – it’s even worse than the constuction at home! Read More

Printing D2X Images (Really Large)

It’s difficult to get a shot of this image without glare, but you get the idea. This was printed 40 inches wide from one of my tulip images without any fancy footwork at all. Just a tiny levels adjustment and unsharp mask in PhotoShop. Pictopia did the rest. It looks fantastic – much better than Read More

The Never-Ending 50th Anniversary Party

Oh well, another excuse to eat, drink and take people pictures… Evidently, these are three things I really like to do. (See below.) Congratulations once again to Dorothy and Frank – my favorite In-Laws. Fifty years. That really is quite an accomplishment. More fabulous photos here. Read More

This Looks Like Fun

Personalized postage! Read More

Dinner With New Friends

Last night we had the pleasure of meeting Professor Perry Samson – the founder of and his wife Deborah over another delicious Thai meal at Chris and Ben’s. Jerry Alexander provided a few bottles of superb wine, which flowed as smoothly as the conversation. We celebrated Don and Jum’s recent marriage and wished that Read More

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