A few more fab 3D renders!

A few more fab 3D renders! Read More

Today’s I-Robot themed Burningman renders.

Today’s I-Robot themed Burningman renders. Read More

This will be the largest thing I ever printed.

There will be ten of these – each 16 feet wide and 6-1/2 feet tall – depicting some Burning Man activity. This year’s theme is “I Robot”. The first three scenes show the ‘bots building the man and the man base, and crashing the party in their Winnebago. Andrew get’s 95% of the credit. I’ll Read More

Everything looks like I’m wearing amber-colored glasses today.

I should have brought a real camera up to Grizzly Peak. I might have done a time-lapse showing the fog moving left-to-right and the smoke moving right-to-left. You can see that here. https://video.twimg.com/tweet_video/Dg_ESyDWkAAdoy-.mp4 Read More

A product that, unfortunately, will not make it to market.

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SeqStudio Logo Animation

https://vimeo.com/276547707 I don’t do much work with motion, but this one turned out pretty nice. It was used for the launch of a new product. 100% Adobe After Effects with an amazing free plugin called Saber – https://www.videocopilot.net/blog/2016/03/new-plug-in-saber-now-available-100-free/ Read More

Champagne and steaks with the gang. What are you up to these days?

Champagne and steaks with the gang. What are you up to these days? Read More

Whaaaat? This is ridiculous!

Whaaaat? This is ridiculous! Read More

A great way to deal with graffiti!

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Keep Calm and download the font!

Keep Calm and download the font! -> https://drive.google.com/open?id=0Bx4h3DD5wnx5Z2h2QmpOd2FnM1VPa1FoWmkzY2pDWkgySC1j Read More

He’s Baaack!

Our most frequent visitor. Read More

Now, that’s a large cock!

https://www.eastbaytimes.com/2018/05/17/bay-area-mural-festival-enlivens-oaklands-jack-london-district/ Read More

Boy genius at work.

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The loft next door is for sale.

Won’t you be my neighbor?!? http://www.209jacklondonsquare.com/ Read More

Fond du Lac’s Don Gorske eats milestone 30,000th Big Mac

https://google.com/newsstand/s/CBIw7vXz3Do Read More

For those of you not on fb, Steve’s mom passed on Friday.

http://www.danielsfamilyfuneral.com/obituaries/obituary-listings?obId=3073832#/obituaryInfo Read More

New brewery pretty much across the street

Outstanding! https://www.originalpatternbeer.com/ Read More


OMG! Look at what I found on the Haylofters fb page. Cabaret – performed during the summer of 1976. Find Carol Rockwell and I in the chorus line. Who do we know in the picture “Two by Two”? And, there is a Seitz, not her last name, in the middle picture. Who can name her? Read More


w.i.p. Read More

Xenophon Gala, 2018

https://goo.gl/FYJsoE Read More

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